What is Encryption?

Have you ever wondered what it means when a billing system says all information is encrypted? Sometimes it makes us wonder if our information is truly safe and secure.

Encryption is the process of encoding data into a form that no one can understand without a key.

Encryption 101 – In Non-Geek Terms

Encryption takes plain text information that could be important such as:

username: bob@some-email.com
password: myPassword123
creditCardNumber: 1234-3333-4444-5555

This simple information turns it into something that looks somewhat like, well, the gibberish below:


The only way to decode this information is with an extremely complex algorithm and a key, which could look like this:


Encryption makes transferring vital information across the internet much safer. Encryption can be broken, but it is extremely difficult to do and requires a ton of computing power and dedication. The algorithms and key lengths are improving all the time to maintain a high level of security. Hackers are more likely to find other ways to acquire information than breaking modern encryption methods.

Understanding what and how encryption works will give you a better piece of mind. Hopefully we weren’t too confusing.

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