Street Sound Studio

Awesome Computer Repair has it’s own state-of-art recording studio. Our sound-proof studio offers a variety of uses for interested people. Besides being the host to several local podcasts, we also offer time frames for other projects.

Street Sound Studio is open for:

Conference Calls – If you or your company needs a quit atmosphere, give our recording studio a try. It’s sound proof and our recording equipment makes it easy to hear your clients on the other end. We also have the capabilities to handle all your video conferencing needs. Don’t miss out on those important business conversations again!
Special Recording Projects – Whether you want a high quality sound for recording a commercial or would like to interview your grandparents, we have capabilities to record your project. We also can do voice over recording for those 8 mm reel you had digitized at Zoovio, Inc.
Phone Call Recordings – If you need to have a recording saved with a phone call, we can assist you in providing a high-quality atmosphere for recording so you have record of all the important parts of a phone call.

Let us help you maximize your recording project. To request your Sound Studio session or to inquire about pricing, contact us using the Booking Form below?

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